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Abstract Red Vase

by Gold on Clay
UGX 140,000

Product Properties:

74 cm
24 kg
Product Information

One of GOC’s main goal is to provide high-quality vases to improve the way we understand décor. This vase was made on a similar foundation with a very simple design that blends perfectly in any home or room where it is placed. The contrasting colors are bright enough to be recognized in every decoration scene.

When used this vase will blend perfectly with any type of décor material like flowers, fresh leaves, clothes or paper art. Use it in any position or on top of a raised object like a table to create a center of attraction in a room of any size. We hope it helps you create the magic you’re looking for.


  1. Comes in a medium size which is very easy and light to carry around (especially for events decorators)
  2. Made with extra care to bring out all the features like the colors, textures and the design perfectly
  3. Painted in an outstanding red color that can easily be blended with any other color
  4. Big enough to be used with any type of décor materials

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