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Abstract Vase (Grey)

by Gold on Clay
UGX 180,000

Product Properties:

82 cm
14 kg
Product Information

Have you ever tried out interior decor with vases or you are just looking out for ideas that can brighten up your home? The abstract vase from Gold on Clay is made from fine clay and given a smooth glazed surface that brightens up any environment while resisting dust.

The vase is designed with very few colors (White, Black & Grey) but with a lot of detail to make it look gorgeous and easy to blend with any type of decor material.  Everything you need to set up a great decoration scene at an event or in a house can be found in this vase.

Key Benefits

  • Simple but detailed design that looks beautiful
  • Can be used with or without flowers or decoration sticks
  • Light-weight and can easily be carried from one place to another
  • Painted using only 3 colors that can blend with any décor in a room
  • Takes less space in a room but has a very big impact on its appearance
  • The top inside part of the vase is painted to improve the look even without flowers


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