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Giza Pyramids Vase

Made by Gold on Clay / Sold by Footsteps Furniture
UGX 150,000

Product Properties:

36 cm
1 kg
Product Information

These vases tell the story of the monumental structures constructed 4,500 years ago in the dry and hot Egyptian desert at Giza. Built by Pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, the great pyramids are tremendously scenic, iconic and surprisingly ancient but still standing very strong today.

Gold on Clay chose to paint the great pyramids because of their story, beauty and the level of detail in them like the shadows, the hot desert with camels passing by, and the stone detail in the architectural design.

Painted by hand with hot and bright but welcoming colours that depict the hotness of the desert and the beauty of the structures to remind you that, even in the toughest conditions you’re still as strong as the great pyramids.

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