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Golden Sunset Vase

Made by Gold on Clay / Sold by Footsteps Furniture
UGX 150,000

Product Properties:

36 cm
1 kg
Product Information

There is nothing that beats the view, beauty and serenity of an evening on lake Nalubaale. Located in Uganda, Kampala, Lake Nalubaale is the largest lake in Africa and the main reservoir of the Nile neighbouring Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

The lake is a perfect place to relax your mind and, enjoy a cool evening as the red African sun sinks out of view, the far distant islands disappearing in the dark and the cool water waves hit the shower sands.

The view is so perfect that it inspired our team at Gold on Clay to put the scene painting on a vase. In the painting you get to see a fisherman carrying 2 people on the lake while they admire the adorable golden clouds in the sky.

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