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Kikooyi Wrap / Sarong / Leesu / Beach Wrap / Scarf

Sold by Gold on Clay
UGX 25,000

Product Properties:

112 cm
0.17 kg
Product Information

The Kikooyi leesu / sarong / scarf / beach wrap / head wrap comes in the usual beautiful colors that you already know. It is soft, lightweight and comfortable to wear on your skin. It comes with beautiful color patterns of Black, Yellow and Red just like the Uganda flag but with a more detailed design and decorative tassels on the ages.

Wondering what to use this wrap / leesu for? Use it as a leesu to wrap your body in beautiful colors at your house, pool or at the beach to cool off When sitting on a boda boda, wrap it around your clothes to escape spattering dirt Use it to cover up your hair (head wrap) Hang it in your home or office as a flag and many other uses.

Buy 2 or more wraps to get an instant discount from Gold on Clay store. We really like this wrap and we are sure you will love it too.

Width: 162cm (64 inches)
Height: 112cm (44 inches)


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