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Rwanda Flag Wrap / Sarong / Scarf

Sold by Gold on Clay
UGX 25,000

Product Properties:

112 cm
0.17 kg
Product Information

Uraho, the beautiful blue, yellow, and green colours combine to form the gorgeous Rwanda Flag, and now, we have brought it to you as a sarong / scarf or a beach wrap to use on hot days at the pool, home, in the sauna or in your bedroom to cool off.

All wraps are soft on the skin, light and very comfortable to wear. It is a single item, but you can use it in very many ways. You can use it as a leesu, or a wrap while at the beach / home, or use it to cover up your hair (head wrap), or hang it in your house as a flag. Buy 2 or more wraps to get an instant discount from the Gold on Clay store.

Oh btw, do u know what the colours in the flag mean?
🇷🇼 The Blue band represents happiness and peace
🇷🇼 The Yellow band symbolises economic development
🇷🇼 The Green band symbolises the hope of prosperity

We really like this wrap, and we are sure you will love it too.

Width: 162cm (64 inches)
Height: 112cm (44 inches)


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